Welcome to the Fediverse Adam!
What made you decide to join Mastodon?

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@msadmin Twitter is my main social network, but after reading about the impending Muskification of it, decided to take a closer look at Mastdodon.

Adam, the 3rd biggest circulation newspaper in Boston used to be the Boston Metro. What would it take to get you to be a partner in the new Boston Metro to bring it back to glory?

@msadmin I'm in a happy place right now with UHub, but please keep me posted when you launch, would love to cover it.

Only curious, what would someone need to offer for 50% ownership of UHub for you to consider it? You would continue running it as the equal 50/50 owner but the reason for my investment would be for UHub to also be found at as Boston's revived newsportal that was once 3rd in Boston's circulation behind Globe & Herald. The Metro already has the name recognition and has only been dormant 2 years. I tweet as Boston Metro:

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