@schratze And that person was easy to block. I did that in about 2 seconds. You can also block people from that instance. You don't need the admins to do it for everyone else too. Be an adult.

@schratze Perhaps it is #2 that is causing you problems. Perhaps you should try blocking the instance yourself instead of trying to get them banned everywhere.

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@schratze Like I said, it seems like you just want to silence them. I sent a screenshot and you have yet to show me where the swastika is.

You say it is a well-known Nazi and hatespeech instance yet you are begging for others to block them. Doesn't sound very well-known. Sounds more like you prefer to dictate what others can and can't year.

I've finally been restricted from posting on FB for 10 more hours for not following community standards. The first violation was in November when I made a comment on a news article about being lucky someone didn't beat someone to death, or something along those lines. This time it was about food preservation in high school "Don't touch my roll or I'll stab you with my fork". Apparently I'm such a violent person that I need to be restricted. Maybe Elon needs to buy Facebook too.

What’s up with the official iPhone client limiting the servers you can connect to?

I think I’m going to *try* to design my optimal social networking system and show how it would be similar to the current fediverse, but better, IMHO. Control of authentication, control of data, portability, and easy expansion.

An issue I have with et al is that you must create a new account if your instance changes. Why not have decentralized authentication, similar to OpenId, and have each service store data on your individual server via an API? Applied to Mastodon, if your instance gets removed, you just join a new one and all your data is there again. Then you could join new services with full functionality without creating new accounts.


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